Comic 62 - Many_Way_to_Train
15th May 2019, 6:20 AM in Episode 03
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deadlypoisson edit delete reply
I just read this new chapter and I love it!!! I've been following your comic for a while now. I love Bodic's personality so much!!! I love your drawings, I love everyone's expressions. It's all very funny and cute. I love the theme. She's a cardboard box fairy, hahaha. It's so original! I really like this series and I'm so happy it's been updated! Sorry I can't support you more than this. I truly love your work. Should I comment on every chapter? I bet I could. I just read all of them because I can't get enough of it so this is a general compliment, haha. I love these post episode scenes, with Bodic and Agatha.
Rika Ruusuvaara edit delete reply
Rika Ruusuvaara
Thank you so much! =^_^= I'm glad you leave a comment, it really made my day! <3 (you can always leave more comment, I don't mind, hehe)